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Navi is a prolific writer. His ideas have been shaped by his eclectic cultural background, his French education, and his Silicon Valley milieu. He has written for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, MIT Sloan Management Review, and strategy+business, among numerous other international publications.

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Leading with your Head and your Heart

CEOs who manage emergencies like the COVID-19 crisis using emotion as well as logic and intuition find the best results in the short term and the long.

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Corporate America Must Learn to Innovate Frugally

The COVID-19 crisis and the recession in America present a historic opportunity for U.S. firms to unlearn how they practiced innovation for the past 100 years and adopt a frugal innovation style that lets them react faster.

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Before We Reinvent The Economy, We Must Reinvent Ourselves

A sustainable economy won’t mean much if we are still driven by a desire for unceasing consumption and mired in unhappiness and alienation.

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The Genius Of Frugal Innovation – TED Ideas

Human creativity is a natural, infinitely renewable resource — and it’s coming up with smart, cheap solutions to people’s biggest problems. Strategist Navi Radjou explains.

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Are You A Smart Or Wise Innovator?

While smart Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are busy developing $400 tea-makers and $500 flamethrowers, wise innovators like Eileen Fisher, Eben Upton, and Emmanuel Faber have dedicated their lives to put out the fires—inequality, global warming, resource scarcity—that threaten human civilization. What kind of innovator are you?

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How How France and India Can Unleash The Power Of “Frugal Innovation”

France’s engineering capabilities, combined with the Indian concept of frugal ingenuity, could help us solve global problems.

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6 Ways To Recognize A Wise Leader

In today’s complex world, however, we need a different approach to leadership that goes beyond optimizing smartness. We call this wise leadership. We identified six key capabilities of wise leadership that we formalized as the WISDOM framework, which is outlined in this article.

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How MBAs Can Integrate Business Mind and Social Heart To Do Good

Have a business degree? (Or are you going to have one soon?) Here’s how you can leverage that experience for social justice, not just dollars.

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Learning Equality is a nonprofit that takes science, math, engineering educational content from Khan Academy and downloads it into a Raspberry Pi (a micro-computer that costs only $35) so that kids in developing countries can access educational content offline without Internet access.
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“The digital revolution is helping to create a frugal economy, one that generates greater value in a highly efficient, socially inclusive, and eco-sustainable manner — using fewer resources.”

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