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Navi is a prolific writer. His ideas have been shaped by his eclectic cultural background, his French education, and his Silicon Valley milieu. He has written for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Sloan Management Review, and strategy+business, among numerous other international publications.

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1+1=11 The (Profitable) Arithmetic of Co-Creation

As the global business environment gets ever more complex, large firms must show humility and acknowledge they don’t have all the answers to huge issues they face. They must unlearn their competitive instinct and reach out to external partners to co-create robust solutions.

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Tackling ‘Problems Without Borders’ in the Age of Convergence

If we all share the same problems, needs, and aspirations, then we must also share our ideas and solutions to solve the very issues and needs we have in common. It’s time Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans adopt a global mindset to co-create what I call “solutions without borders” that will resolve wicked problems afflicting mankind.

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How MBAs Can Integrate Business Mind and Social Heart To Do Good

Have a business degree? (Or are you going to have one soon?) Here’s how you can leverage that experience for social justice, not just dollars.

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Learning Equality is a nonprofit that takes science, math, engineering educational content from Khan Academy and downloads it into a Raspberry Pi (a micro-computer that costs only $35) so that kids in developing countries can access educational content offline without Internet access.
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“The digital revolution is helping to create a frugal economy, one that generates greater value in a highly efficient, socially inclusive, and eco-sustainable manner — using fewer resources.”

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