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TED Radio Hour: Can Limited Resources Lead to Better Innovation?

Just because you spend more on R&D, it does not mean you get more innovation. Big tech companies in Silicon Valley can learn from the MacGyver’s—frugal innovators—in other parts of the world on how to do more with less.

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Financial Times Review of Frugal Innovation

The authors’ first book, Jugaad Innovation (a Hindi word meaning, roughly, “cobbled together”), described the innovative brilliance of Indian entrepreneurs with limited means. Their new book — enlivened by fascinating case studies — argues persuasively that companies in mature markets have no choice but to adopt a similar approach.

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The Economist: Cheap and Cheerful

Victor Hugo once said that “nothing can stop an idea whose time has come”. Messrs Radjou and Prabhu are right that a frugal revolution is sweeping the rich world…in which a financial crisis and recession have been followed by a spell of stagnant household incomes and, in parts, persistently high unemployment.

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Les Echos: Les Générations YZ Ne Veulent Plus Travailler Dans Des Boîtes Comme Les Vôtres

A côté de la révolution digitale, le théoricien de l’Innovation frugale, Navi Radjou, appelle à « faire plus avec moins » : un changement radical de paradigme productif. Il était l’invité de L’Entreprise du Futur, jeudi 19 janvier à Lyon.

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Navi Radjou: L’Homme Qui Fait Plus Avec Moins

Faire de meilleurs produits en dépensant moins : c’est le credo de ce conférencier qui enseigne à l’université de Cambridge. Et s’il portait le capitalisme de demain ?

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Beyond GDP Growth: Valuing Quality over Quantity in Life
Why Western Economies Are Adopting Frugal Innovation
Beyond Smartness: How To Become a Wise Leader
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Talk with UPS: The Power of Simplicity

BBC Radio 4: Jugaad – The Rise of Frugal Innovation

BBC Radio 4: 21st Century Unlimited

Navi Radjou moderating a panel at World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit (2010)
Image © World Economic Forum

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