Conscious Society: Reinventing How We Consume, Work, Relate, and Live

An uplifting and empowering book that shows how all of us can consciously direct human evolution towards a better future — and steer away from a self-destructive course — by co-creating an inclusive and sustainable society that maximizes our potential and well-being.

Navi Radjou & Jaideep Prabhu

Frugal Innovation: How to do More With Less

Winner of the CMI Management Book of the Year Award 2016

A frugal and flexible approach to innovation for the 21st century that shows how leaders, in companies of all sizes and across all sectors, can profit from doing business in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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Required reading for executives who want to get to 
market faster and more efficiently while delivering what customers want.

— Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, GE

Driven by tighter budgets and dwindling natural resources, along with new technologies and environmentally conscious consumers, Western companies are now seeking new ways to appeal to their customers.  This award-winning book by innovation thinkers, Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu, lays out the key principles, perspectives and techniques of frugal innovation—the art of doing more, and better, with less.

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Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu & Simone Ahuja

Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth

A Global Bestseller: Over 100,000 Copies Sold

A groundbreaking book, that explores the “jugaad mindset” — a Hindi word meaning an improvised solution born from ingenuity and cleverness. The authors share previously untold stories of resourceful jugaad entrepreneurs and innovations in emerging markets to show how Western companies can adopt jugaad to succeed in our hypercompetitive and resource constrained world.

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Jugaad Innovation throws 
cold water in the faces of CEOs, reminding them of the immense power of grassroots, do-it-yourself, cheap, quick, simple innovation.

— George F. Colony, CEO, Forrester Research

Innovation is a major directive at corporations worldwide. But how do you drive innovation and growth as the global business landscape becomes increasingly unpredictable and diverse? Western corporations can no longer just rely on the old formula that sustained innovation and growth for decades: a mix of top-down strategies, expensive R&D projects, and rigid, highly structured innovation processes. Jugaad Innovation argues that the West must look to places like India, China, and Africa for a new, bottom-up approach to frugal and flexible innovation.

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A fresh and timely approach to nurturing wise, resilient, and flexible leadership in a world of growing complexity. Drawing on inspiring real-life stories of historical and contemporary wise leaders, this book offers a new approach that balances the two styles to achieve a form of wise leadership that is both functional and smart.

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From Smart to Wise teaches the importance of working together and shows that everyone can contribute to making the world 
a better place.

— Alan Mulally, former president and CEO, Ford Motor Company

Leaders tend to obstinately stick to the leadership style that brought them most success in the past, usually one of two extreme styles: functional leadership that focuses on operational excellence or smart leadership that focuses on growth. When a leader’s focus is too functional, the organization becomes introverted and can focus too much on bottom-line profitability while missing out on top-line growth opportunities. But when leaders focus too much on smart leadership, the organization may experience quick growth but lose its effectiveness quickly.

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Navi Radjou keynoting the 2016 International Summit of Cooperatives

“Creating a frugal innovation culture requires systemic change across the enterprise, and CEOs must lead from the front in initiating such change.”

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